CNC Table

CNC Table

The CNC table is a solid and stable foundation or platform for CNC devices. It’s used to mount CNC cutting, milling or other such devices. The table is part of a stable workbench that’s used for different projects. The projects can range from making scroll benders to artistic pieces and even to prototypes for machinery. These tables with CNC machines are also used to cut custom computer cases. These cases include custom designs and even lettering. CNC tables utilize mechanical and robotic technologies to provide precision cutting and milling units.

CNC tables come in different types and shapes. For example:

  • CNC cutting table
  • CNC router table
  • CNC routing system
  • CNC milling table and so on.

CNC Cutting Table

CNC tables are built with the cutter built in to the table. The idea behind these tables is to allow a computer to control the torch head for making clean sharp cuts. One variety of CNC tables is the plasma CNC table which offers a 4ft x 4ft cutting area. The length of sheets of materials can be about 4x8 ft or 4x10ft. This table is capable of cutting images that are up to 20 ft long.

Such a CNC table usually needs about 3 Amp of electrical services to operate. It weighs about 300 pounds. Its dimensions are approximately 64 inches wide by 60 inches deep by 90 inches high.

CNC Router Table

The table is one of the CNC milling equipments used for precision metalworking and is ideal for work positioning. This CNC table is used in metal works because it makes the drilling job quite easier. Moreover, it helps in cutting the piece on fixed axes during specific interval.

A CNC table has a precision machined disc and is made up of a solid base with proper provisions for clamping the materials onto the table and other kinds of equipment. This table can rotate by itself or be controlled by some operational control.

A CNC table holds and positions the component in a desired angle for performing multi-face operations in one setup. This table can be interpolated as a 4th axis with machine’s X, Y, Z axes to enable machining of profiles, which is not possible with only 3 axes of the other machining centers.

A CNC table is available in different varieties. Some of these CNC tables make use of indexing plates while others utilize dividing tables.

This type of table is very important for metal industry. A CNC table is used for:

  • Machining spanner flats on bolts
  • Cutting round pieces.
  • Drilling holes at equal distance on circular flanges.
  • Creating large diameter holes on milling machines with these tables.
  • Cutting complex curves and mixing helixes.

CNC Routing Table

The CNC table (system) is ideally used for carvings and machining operations on a large variety of signs, doors and other small projects. It brings impressive power, speed, accuracy, and ease of use. With its robust steel and high-density poly-ethylene construction, it can withstand accidental impacts that would normally damage or destroy other such machines.

A CNC table brings along the speed and precision of computer-controlled machinery to the workshop. Its dimensions are like 16" x 32". It includes clamps to hold down slots for securing work along the length of the CNC table. The table can be or be compatible with the Bosch Colt Palm Router and can include a 1/2" diameter V-groove router bit. I can be run through a computer with USB 2.0 port and a Bosch Colt router.

CNC Milling Table

The CNC table comes with milling machines. They are used for precision and heavy duty milling in metal works. CNC milling machines come with manual controls too. They are used in different varieties in the metal industry like the following:

  • CNC Lathe
  • CNC Milling machine and so on.